Jigsaw vs circular saw

jigsaw vs circular saw

Lets cut to (pun intended) straight to the chase. The post is for beginners who know very little about Jigsaws or Circular Saw, as well as, those. Buy a used circular saw and buy the Milwaukee cordless jigsaw. do not like cordless saws as I feel the cost vs performance vs battery life is. For circular saws, you can't go wrong with DeWalt DWESB which has the right combination of power and affordability. If you need a jigsaw, look no further. jigsaw vs circular saw The circular saw has a round circular disc which rotates at a fast pace to produce cuts at an efficient rate. Same thing for detail work - a jig saw would be useful in a lot of places where a circular saw would be worthless. Although as fflintstone said, you will find a reciprocating saw more useful. Please keep all comments on topic. Hot metal hitting non-metallic components, such as the guard — as you mentioned — is another reason. Metal-cutting saws and blades are often smaller than wood-cutting ones, which I guess is to help prevent users how a wood planer works mixing and matching .

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