How to use wood router

how to use wood router

To many woodworkers, a plunge router is like one of those deluxe TV remote controls that has lots of buttons and functions: Most people only use a few of them. In this video we look at the aspects of using a wood router free-hand such as for edge routing. Here's how to use a router and a few router bits, using either the full or partial profile, to apply hundreds of shapes to the edge of a board. how to use wood router To create a channel through jet tablesaw section of wood, a groove bit is needed. For cuts deeper than your bit can reach, use a collet extension, which fits into your router collet and has another collet for your bit. In this woodworking tip, learn some tips for applying partial profile router cuts to create varied profile shapes. Learn some woodworking tips for dealing with tear-out when using your router. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be submitted to our " DoItYourself. Plan and mark the dado locations on the workpiece, then line up the jig's groove with your layout marks, clamp the jig to the wood and dado away Photo 2. Variable speed is a must-have feature as you demand more gun stock finishing oil your router.


How to Choose and Use a Router

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