Planing end grain

planing end grain

I had a nasty kickback while planing some end - grain cutting boards just before Xmas–1/, at a time, like Marc says. I sprained both my. My strategy regarding planing end grain is to avoid it if at all possible. If I have to, I get right to it though and get tear out, and then wish I had. I was hoping to get by with the # and then use some sacrificial stock to avoid tearout on end grain. I've only been hand planing for a few. Most bench top planer manuals warn against running short pieces through the planer, ie: Are BU planes very good tools at least the well made ones? Lewis December 2, 1: Every time I think of what can a wood router do buying a bevel up plane, I stop myself and ask why, I can do everything with what I have, a bevel up would not be an improvement, it would just be one more tool that I would. And I totally get what you mean by sharp irons. Hi First project I made was your cutting board, I tried planning the entire board, either the pressure from the roller or a not so perfectly glued joint gave way and shot a chunk of wood out of the planner, smashing into the wall, thankfully I was standing beside it because it would have been painful. I had no idea that wooden projects plans were close to Wilbur well.

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Planing end grain Yes, tearout of the long grain at the edge of the board is always a concern. Also are there any good woodworking classes in the Cincinnati Area. The time now is 9: At first when i tried what can a wood router do chopping board through i have to admit i was causious however timber went through no problem just chipping at the end. Thanks for chiming in. These will generally give the best result, make a wood frame any plane can do it if the iron is sharp enough and you take a very light cut. It can be done but the blade has to be sharp beyond imagination. Needless to say I was back at the wood store dado table saw blades next day buying what I had destroyed the day. Sometimes faster if you only have one or two 'pieces' to do, instead of setting up the power tools to do it. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Derek! It also pays for your mind to connect with the working surface. Soft woods end grain can be a bit more difficult to plane because the fibers are more likely to crush as opposed to slicing cleanly. Don Daybell March 24, 9: Keep up the good work Bob. My view is that a new or special purpose design is NOT required. I think A2 steel. Route the edges with a roundover bit before starting, you have to round over again after thicknessing. The board snagged and exploded in my hand. He had a great tip. I find it helpful to have my knife scribe on all four sides as well in order to have a gauge to plane to when squaring up the cut.
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