Stots dovetail jig

stots dovetail jig

Stots Dovetail Template MasterTM by Doug Smith His section on making a working jig are exemplatory and it doesn't stop there - knowing all. The Stots Dovetail Template Master is a somewhat unusual accessory. Although it would be possible to use the template to build a dovetail jig itself, that is not. DIYers Can Create an Endless Array of Project-specific Dovetail Jigs From Scraps with the DovetailTemplateMaster and a router.

Stots dovetail jig - feather board

As if he could even find out anyway. Nearer to the police state. Make the jigs needed for almost all typical dovetailing applications with the DovetailTemplateMaster. BTW don't order the router bits from the STOTS web site - the ones i received in the mail were slightly rusty and i got ZERO response after emailing two or three times. Because of the low system cost, the great flexibility it provides in producing a jig of the desired layout, and the ease of use this form of jig, I highly recommend this product. Do you really think Mr. Similar Threads Nation-Wide Turn-A-Thon Hosted by Rockler Corporation By Keith Outten in forum Freedom Pens. There's a difference between owning the item upon which it has been reproduced, and owning the intellectual content that the reproduction contains. We've been making dovetails for eons without his spiffy meta-jig. I was lucky enough to get a Stots template from another forum member secondhand. Companies that put into place these weird license agreements that limit your options e. Most woodworking accessories are used to cut, measure, position, clamp, or otherwise perform some direct woodworking task. Tips I do have a few simple tips for making and using the Stots Dovetail Template Master that I want to pass along: Charlie Self Contact options for registered users. I recommend instead cutting away as much waste material as possible with a saw. Unless you were to get fancy in constructing your jig, It is probably going to end up looking very much like a few other commercial jigs, notably the Gifkins, Katie, or Keller types. If I buy a screwdriver, it's mine. I really hope this tool-licensing thing doesn't catch on. Reasonbly priced biscuit jointer and dovetail fixtures? Fred the Red Shirt Contact options for registered users. stots dovetail jig


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