Router table finger joint jig

router table finger joint jig

This is designed for a router table, but the same approach would work for a table saw and dado blade. **This jig is designed for 3/8" square. Box joints are a cinch to make on a router table. All you need are a sharp bit and a basic plywood jig. The biggest problem in making box joints. I'm tolerant when it comes to woodworking tools and jigs not working quite right straight out of the box because I'm usually able to make modifications to make. Dado cuts jig would have to be clamped down so that it cannot move in any direction. You can purchase through Rockler. Bennett O on Dec 10, Lift the groove bit sharpening tool the spacer fence and cut the next groove. When you have the proper fit, drill a hole through the left side of the spacer fence and table. To make the joints looser, add another shim. I'm really not sure why other folks can rate it so highly, but experience with it is that it has some serious shortcomings. router table finger joint jig

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Fein multi purpose tool Just follow the quick guide and it's not too hard. Be sure to read the detailed directions for turning the wood panels or else you create a mess as I know from experience. Use a spiral upcut bit. The lock downs could really be anything that securely holds the jig in place as long as they don't get home made drum sander the way of the slide. Richard R on Feb 17, Not sure if others have had this issue, but I had to add multiple layers of masking tape to both sled rails to eliminate the side-to-side movement. Questions that need answers My Posts. I could not determine why my box fingers didn't come out consistent. Reply Inaccurate David T on Jan 23, Purchased on Feb 21, Sort by Most Helpful Sort by Most Recent Review Sort Highest to Teds woodworking download free Sort Lowest to Highest. While it turned out fine next time I will run the stock through the saw to make sure it does not have any taper. Purchased 1 year ago. Want to make box joints on my router. Be sure to use spiral carbide bits planing end grain best results. I have the full-sized router table, but I would think that a smaller table would work as long as there is a T-track to clamp down the box joint table.
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Biscuit joinery Using proper safety measures of course. Once woodwork accidents cut the first piece, you have to reverse it to line up the second piece. Maybe u can compare the specs of the kreg table to this bosch table? Brian A on Jul 11, Mine was a little out and just made the slots where the black knobs are shown longer. Receive Free Shipping Every Day. Tina, since you would probably be sanding this project, I suggest you mark your pieces with a number 2 pencil to help avoid confusion. Make sure you have some sort of reference gauge to reset the distance from the notch guide to the bit. This box joint jig works very well as long as two things are kept in mind: Get instant access to all Fine Woodworking content when you try membership today! They make set up fast and quick. Lift the groove over the spacer fence and cut the next groove. Good reviews and will save me the trouble of making my own box joint jig. A word of advice. Picked ts2410ls to go with my Rockler router table. Clamp both ends of the base to the router table so the bit is approximately centered in the hole. You also need to purchase a set of set up bars. I use my jig home made drum sander a How to plane wood portable router table and the distance between the center of the miter track and the center of the router hole is about 6.
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