Best cutting board finish

best cutting board finish

Im making a bunch of cutting boards for chirstmas and I'm looking for suggestions for finishing them. Ive always used mineral oil in the past. Food safe finish for cutting board. The best finish for a cutting board is no finish. A seemingly never-ending question concerns how to finish cutting boards. You don't need any. Does one absolutely need to Finish a wooden cutting board? . Pure Tung Oil and Solvent (Citrus Solvent is the best choice, see above) OR.

Best cutting board finish - this

Either way, you need to check to see how well the board is repelling water. The natural wood untreated apparently has anti-bacterial action to it, and the board can still be washed with soap and water, dried standing up, and then sanded periodically. It becomes a little bit thicker less than tung oil , and its drying time is significantly reduced. Once the board is completely treated, wait for 15 minutes to allow the wood to absorb all the oil it can. The maple is not so I am confused. I hope this helps. This is the exact confusion I was talking about. Become a member today Get instant access to all FineWoodworking. I kept expecting the bleed through to stop — which never did using diluted finish. So by sanding the surface with and reapplying a fresh coat of varnish, you completely renew the surface. Dan November 29, 3: TAGS Bob Flexner , cutting boards. So the less moisture in the board, the better. From the Store View More. Here is the treatment you want to use: It might darken lighter woods. If they are going to be put to use on a regular basis [as opposed to simply decorating the kitchen], then IMO, it won't milwaukee drill reviews what you use Looking at the locations they have quite a few across Canada and you can order it online as .


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