Grizzly wood lathes

grizzly wood lathes

This incredible machine can swing 16" over the bed, comes with a 2 HP motor and sports a spindle tachometer with a digital readout. Changing. My grandpa's G wood lathe that I modified to use a treadmill motor for variable speed. Any questions or. This lathe is perfect for serious woodturners who want to turn large bowls, furniture pieces, and other large-diameter projects. With 22" of swing, a heavy- duty.

Grizzly wood lathes - DIY

I knew that going in but it severely lowers the size of blank you can put on it and be safe. The G is certainly NOT lacking power and having the Variable Frequency Drive helps out a great deal if you are like me and cannot afford a 3-phase power converter or have 3-phase installed. All this and the price with the shipping was still much cheaper than all the other lathes that I'd researched. It's truly a joy to use this machine. I am a hobbiest wood worker, this lathe is perfect for what I needed. I do a lot of big burl turnings and the handles them very nicely. I'm very pleased with the rpm range and the centers line up perfectly. I must have spent 3 years researching lathes before buying this one as my first lathe. No question have been asked yet. I stand on 2 stacked mats to achieve a comfortable work height. I took delivery of my new G two months ago and have been delighted with it from the moment I opened the shipping crate. My trucking terminal told me by phone I called them they would load it into the back of my pickup truck. One of the items was plastic and the package wasn't padded enough so the chuck destroyed the plastic item. Gift Cards Shop Gift Cards Check Card Balance Corporate Gift Cards. But also when you have reviews and opinions you are going to get different personalities giving them. You May Also Like. grizzly wood lathes


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