Radial arm saw safety rules

radial arm saw safety rules

RADIAL ARm SAW SAFETY RULES. 1. KEEP HANDS AND FINGERS AWAY FROm THE PATH OF THE. bLADE WHEN CUTTING. 2. CROSSCUT ONLY ONE. Directions: Before operating the Radial Arm Saw you are required to know each of You must pass the Radial Arm Saw safety quiz before using the Radial Arm. (Your Business Name Here) – Safe Work Procedure. RADIAL ARM SAW. DO NOT use this machine unless you have been instructed. in its safe use and.


How to use a Radial Arm Saw Instead, position a roller support to hold up the back end of the stock and push the workpiece through the entire cut. This push stick should be longer than the diameter of the saw blade to keep your fingers safely away from the blade. To counter the saw's desire to pull through the wood quicker than necessary, the operator must pull at a slow, even pace while simultaneously not allowing the saw to push faster than desired. Current Students Student Services Campus Life Course Registration Beyond the Classroom. Graduate Studies Undergraduate Research News Publications. radial arm saw safety rules

Radial arm saw safety rules - Woodworking

Section Menu Health and Safety. International Home Study at TRU Programs Apply Now Housing Dates and Fees Short-term ESL and Training. Study by Distance Home Programs Courses Registration Student Services FAQs Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Transfer Credit. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn. As such, the operator needs to pull the saw through the cut, but at the same time, keep the saw blade from grabbing and pulling the blade through the cut too quickly. Using a push-stick, feed the stock against the direction of rotation of the revolving blade from the side at which the blade rotates upwards towards the operator. Apply a firm, even pressure. Newsroom Events Photos Videos. Dates and Fees Work Opportunities Partner Institutions Short-term ESL and Training About TRU World. Graduate Studies Undergraduate Research News Publications. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. Popular Links Support Services Information for New Students Resources for Faculty Contact TRU World. These additional safety features should include a drop-down guard on the front of the blade guard, plus a riving knife and an anti-kickback device on the rear of the blade guard. Care must be taken when ripping material with thin, lightweight, hard or slippery surfaces because of the reduced efficiency of the antikickback devices. The angle should be adjusted so that if the stock is pulled out by hand, it will jam under the fingers and the stock cannot be moved. Financial Aid Library Bookstore Student Email Blackboard Learn Moodle IT Support. Always use a stick, not your hands, to remove scrap from the table.

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